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KITE Skate Punkers

KITE Skate Punkers

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The Zeeko/Punkers wakeskate is an easy, versatile and high-performance board thanks to a shape designed by Alex Campet.

KITE Skate D I M E N S I O N S: 116/43cm - 4kg

Built on a wooden core and a hull equipped with HPL, our wakeskate offers excellent glide and the possibility of riding any type of kite or cable park module.

The pads allow you to ride both in shoes and barefoot and provide perfect navigation comfort as well as excellent grip, the concave of these pads allows you to perform all kinds of skateboard-type figures.

Its tight and progressive rocker will give you something to ride and go upwind in all types of conditions.
Two 2.5/15cm fins provide perfect support in choppy or wave conditions.

Its weight provides very good pop as well as excellent stability for performing your tricks.

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