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Carbon Double Agent

Carbon Double Agent

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We are proud to present the new high-end foil from ZEEKO: The Carbon Double Agent Wingfoil / Kitefoil / Surf & Sup foil
This foil is the result of years of research and optimizations for practices foil.
The Carbon Double Agent creates a historic breakthrough in terms of design and is simply inspired by the settings available on the boards.

Front wing and stabilizer: different ranges possible:

  • Accessibility: Edge range front wing / Bullet 270 stabilizer and more
  • Versatility, Freeride / Freerace / Carving: Front wing and stabilizer bullet & shark range
  • Perf ++ Speed: Burner Front Wing and Shark Stabilizer

Double Agent Fuselage 65cm
Supplied with carrying case, Torx key

Configurations & settings

- New mast sizes: 40cm/60cm/70cm/80cm/90cm/96cm

- Adjustable stabilizer angle without shims

- Hundreds of possible configurations


- HM carbon mat and aluminum fuselage

- Exceptional finish

- Profiles and hydrodynamics studied in a digital wind tunnel

- A range of front wings , optional stabilizers covering all types of practice

- Delivered with wing covers, transport bag and assembly tools

Further information

Supplied with carrying case, Torx key

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Foil Double Agent Carbon

The Carbon Series double agent foil is designed to offer high level performance in terms of speed, maneuverability and stability, it offers excellent stability at high speeds, which allows you to maintain a constant trajectory and achieve precise maneuvers.
Thanks to its aerodynamic design and its lightness, this high-performance carbon foil is very maneuverable and allows you to perform tight turns and technical maneuvers with precision.

In short, the ideal choice for experienced practitioners looking to push their limits

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