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Windfoil / Kitefoil / Supfoil / surfoil / wingfoil / wingsurf: A single foil for all these practices. THE AMPLIFIER DBM V4 is the latest evolution of foils 'alloy series'. This year the emphasis was placed on modularity with a maximum of possible configurations to adapt 100% to your sailing style and your sport.
The reference for foils for several years ushers in unrivaled versatility.

What's new

- New mast sizes: 60cm/70cm/80cm/90cm/96cm

- Position of the mast on the fuselage adjustable (Dual Box Mast)

- Angle of the stabilizer adjustable without shims

- Hundreds of possible configurations


- Aluminum mast and fuselage

- Exceptional finish

- Profiles and hydrodynamics studied in a digital wind tunnel

- Connection to the reinforced board: Deep tuttle, Tuttle, US rails

- A wide range of front wings, stabilizers and optional mast lengths covering all types of practice

- Position of the mast on the fuselage adjustable (Dual Box Mast ) for
optimized use on a windsurf board, wingfoil or SUPfoil.

- Delivered with wing covers, carrying bag and assembly tools

Further information


The advent of new board sports such as supfoil and
wingfoil allows many riders to tackle several sports and
to adapt boards in depending on the conditions.

Foiling, a revolution on the water for years, has long been
specific to each sport and until now to practice several
sports, you needed several foils.

Thanks to the Amplifier DBM V4, it is now possible to practice
windfoil, wingfoil, supfoil and surfoil with the same equipment and
without compromising on performance thanks to the DUAL BOX MAST.

ACCESSIBILITY & FREERIDE / Ideal for beginners and multiple practices

Windfoil is a water sport with a particular hydrofoil. The
mast foot of the sail plays a vital role in controlling the foil
and requires a specific position of the mast on the fuselage compared to
other sports (wingfoil, supfoil and surfoil).

In addition, to easily control a foil, the fuselage must be long enough and the stabilizer easy.

These characteristics are equally essential in SUPfoil and wingfoil.

Thus, thanks to very progressive wings and a system for adjusting the
position of the mast on the fuselage, the AMPLIFIER DBM V4 is the most innovative and high-performance
freeride foil optimized whatever
sport you practice.

In windfoiling, find the legendary compromise of the Amplifier. In
wingfoil, start and benefit from the great stability of the foil and in
SUPfoil/Surfoil exceed your limits in curves, in riding distance and
in pumping thanks to the power generated by the Amplifier DBM V4.


You are a rider who loves all foiling water sports, but
you are looking for equipment that can follow your daily desires without
owning several foils?

The V4 DBM amplifier is made for you. With the Dual Box Mast (DBM)
push the limits of your hydrofoil settings even further.

Indeed, thanks to DBM technology, you no longer need to choose between a
windsurf foil and a foil for wingfoil or surffoil and even

Move the mast back onto the fuselage and the foil is dedicated to the practice of
windfoiling. It can be connected via a deep tuttle box, powerbox,
tuttle and 2 US rails.

Moving the mast back on the fuselage allows you to gain power,
stability and gives the foil a balanced position on a
windsurf board.

Advancing the mast on the fuselage makes the foil perfectly balanced on
a wingfoil, surfoil and supfoil board. Maneuverability is
increased and gliding at a high level.

The price of a foil is important and you find yourself with a choice to
make before going into the water. With the V4 DBM amplifier, a single foil for
all practices and the whole family!

Dual Box Mast technology allows you to modify the position of the mast
on the fuselage and this in record time (only 3 screws). No more
complicated choices: ride in record time and the foil will adapt to your


Particular attention has been paid to the stabilizer. Indeed, the stabilizer is one of the key parts of a foil.

The winglets at the wingtip provide significant yaw control and improve upwind recovery.

Its outline and profile have been optimized for maximum drag reduction, particularly at high speed.

The stabilizer fixing system allows adjustment of the angle
of attack just by loosening the screws. The amplitude of the adjustment of 2°
allows a very significant modification of the behavior of the foil and this
without adding a wedge.

By advancing the stabilizer as far as possible on the fuselage, the angle
of attack of the stabilizer is reduced, drag and power
reduce. This setting is ideal in strong winds or when
you are looking for a foil with rear leg support.

By moving the stabilizer as far back as possible on the fuselage, the angle of the
stabilizer is increased, the foil gains power, this setting is
ideal for light winds or when looking for a foil with a
front leg support. This setting improves pumping capacity and
makes dockstarts easier.

The intermediate adjustment allows homogeneous behavior whatever the conditions and provides balanced support.

Finally it is possible to choose the size of your stabilizer:
43-45-48cm wingspan (i.e. 270-300-320cm²). The 43cm is ideal for
speed and maneuverability. The 48cm is perfect for beginners and
riders looking for stability and the 45cm is the best compromise
to limit your equipment

4 MODES OF CONNECTION TO THE BOARD: Tuttle or Deep Tuttle or Platinum or Powerbox

The connection to the board has been designed for maximum stiffness and solidity.

Most boards used for windfoiling are not reinforced enough around the housings.

In addition, the connection between the board and the foil must be as
rigid as possible, without this, the foil becomes difficult to control.

After months of R&D, we have not validated a simple
Tuttle connection (or even Deep Tuttle). Our choice was a platinum or mini platinum
connection which can be combined with a Tuttle
or Deep Tuttle box (screws to connect the foil to the board not included).
There is no longer any need to reinforce your boards. Stress forces
on the Tuttle case are reduced by 70%. This results in better
solidity as well as better control of the foil.

The mast is inserted into the plate or mini plate by means of a
machined chimney increasing the rigidity of the foil/board connection and
therefore improving control of the foil.

In tuttle mode (also Deep Tuttle compatible), the board is
compatible with all boards on the market with 1 Tuttle or
Deep Tuttle box (position in relation to the straps to check, screw
connection to the board not included). The connection is made by the two
screws like a classic fin.

In Mini Platinum/Deep tuttle mode, the drag of the connection between the
board and the mast is minimal while maintaining exceptional
stiffness thanks to the integrated chimney (connection screw to the
board not included).

When using the plate on 2 US rails under a board, 4 screws
are enough to connect the foil and it is possible to modify its
position under the board (advance the foil 5cm in the light weather for example
favors the departure to the planning).

No need to completely unscrew the 4 fixing screws. All you need to do is loosen the two front ones by a 1/4 turn and unscrew the two rear ones, and the foil is dismantled. The plate is compatible with all
boards on the market with 2 US boxes, usable center distances: 165X90mm
(screws for connection to the board not provided)

In Powerbox mode, the drag of the connection between the board and the mat
is minimal while maintaining exceptional stiffness thanks to the
integrated chimney (screws connecting to the board not supplied). The
tapping of the connection screw is carried out directly in the
case to ensure screwing over a long length for
better solidity.


The 75cm fuselage was developed for maximum reduction of
drag. We have chosen a specific aluminum alloy offering
maximum multidimensional stiffness as well as significant resistance to
corrosion. The fuselage is treated with black
deep anodizing (strongest anodizing color). All
connections (wings, mast) are with M8 screws for maximum
rigidity and simplicity: a single key allows you to mount the entire
foil. The fuselage is also compatible with all
ZEEKO front wings from 380cm² (speed wing) to EDGE 2000cm².

The Fuselage of the Amplifier V4 is equipped with DBM thanks to its
movable wedge which allows you to switch from a windsurf mode (mast moved back on the
fuselage) to a kitesurf, surffoil mode , supfoil or wingfoil.

The length of 75cm allows you to have a foil with very high stability
in windfoil while being easy to handle and fast in wingfoil or surffoil.


Equipped as standard with an EDGE 1650 front wing, the Amplifier V4 DBM is
available with a whole range of wings available on request.

ZEEKO offers you a choice of 3 ranges of wings in different sizes:

EDGE RANGE: EDGE wings (1250-1650-200) are ultra easy wings.
The EDGES represent the best compromise
takeoff speed/Maneuverability/Speed.

BULLET RANGE: A complete range of high performance front fenders
(550-750-920-950, soon 1200 and 1600). The thin profile of these
wings combined with a large wingspan allows unrivaled and
drag-free gliding. BULLET front wings are ideal for riders looking for performance and pumping ability.

CARVER RANGE: The CARVER (710-950-1200) are wings with a low
aspect ratio and fine profiles. Carvers are the
ideal wings for those looking for exceptional maneuverability without
sacrificing maximum speed.

Windsurfing enthusiasts can equip themselves with the XLW front wing with
AVS (anti ventilation system) for an easy and robust foil.

Finally, Zeeko Kitefoil riders since 2015 will also be able to
use their wings on the Amplifier. We strive to reduce planned product obsolescence as much as possible.


The aluminum parts are anodized black, providing
maximum protection. The aluminum used is the most resistant to
salt water. We recommend the use of Tef-Gel to stop
galvanic corrosion between the A4 stainless steel screws and the
aluminum components but also between the wing and carbon mast connections
and the fuselage. It prevents oxidation.

We recommend applying this gel every 2 weeks after rinsing with fresh water.

If you do not have the possibility to rinse your foil, we
recommend that you do not leave it mounted with the protective covers
but rather let it dry in the open air .


The foil is delivered with a torx key, as well as a set of carrying bags.

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Foil Amplifier V4

Front wing and stabilizer: different ranges possible:

Accessibility : Front wing Edge range / Bullet 270 stabilizer and more

Versatility, Freeride / Freerace / Carving: Bullet & Shark range front wing and stabilizer

Perf ++  Speed: Burner front wing and Shark stabilizer

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