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AIRWAVE v3: the new generation of strapless wavesurfing
The 3rd generation Airwave is a modern board that will allow you to reduce your quiver as much as possible. A board for strapless, surfing


- 5’2 X 18 3/8 X 2 i.e. 158cm X 47cm - 22 liters

- Ultra compact, high performance surfkite board
- Fine sorting (fins provided)
- Strapless, or configuration with one or two straps
- Weight 3kg (+/- 10%)
- Vacuum PVC Sandwich Construction


The latest generation of the AIRWAVE 5’2 has been completely overhauled.
The board has a modern shape, allowing it to excel in surfing but also strapless. The compact front with a square nose is ideal for strapless practice (more control and less wind drag).
The rear of the board has been designed for maximum radicality and control when surfing.
This is the WORLD WIDE WAVE type board par excellence.
The three-fin configuration allows perfect control in curves and its robust construction underfoot and on impact will give confidence to all demanding riders in the waves.

ACCESSIBILITY & FREERIDE / Ideal for progressing and surpassing yourself

The reduced length of the board, thanks to the square nose, makes it very responsive and provides significant control.
During jumps, its wind resistance is minimal, allowing innovative tricks.
The possibility of using straps allows use in typical European wave conditions with a lot of chop.

AIRWAVE: A single board for strapless and waves (foil attachment optional)

Hull and rails

The board has been designed for maximum maneuverability. The slight V at the rear transforms into a flat one at the front for an immediate transition from edge to edge.
The tri-fin configuration allows a ride close to that of a classic surfboard and significant maneuverability. The thin rails provide ideal grip whether on the bottom turn or strapless jump takeoff


The scoop of the board is in three sections:
- The rear section with a large kick tail gives extreme maneuverability to the board.
- The central section is progressive allowing the board not to bounce in the water.
- The front section has a tighter scoop giving a big pop during strapless jump takeoffs.


The deck of the board is slightly domed for rapid transition from edge to edge. In addition, this bridge design improves navigation comfort.


The rear pads of the board are equipped with a rear bumper allowing better control and better handling of the board. It is also equipped with an arch bar for even more radical slashes.
The board can be used without a front pad with wax only.
The matte finish of the board is ideal for grabs and increases

Fixing the straps

The board can be used strapless, with one or two straps.
The Airwave is equipped with 5 strap positions.

Sandwich manufacturing

For a better weight/performance ratio, the board is made of PVC/fiberglass sandwich. The high density core makes it very resistant to dents. Shaper-type vacuum manufacturing provides an incredible weight/strength ratio.
The cases are reinforced for surfkite use without concessions.
All boxes (strap inserts, plugs) are reinforced with high density PVC and fiberglass foam.
The board is reinforced in critical areas (rails, feet).

Wind range and inflation

For a rider weighing 75 kg, average to advanced level

  • 6m: 9-20 knots, inflation 7PSI
  • 5m: 11-25 knots, inflation 7PSI
  • 4m: 14-30 knots, inflation 8PSI
  • 3.3m: 17-40 knots, inflation 8PSI


  • 4 sizes to cover all conditions: 3.3m²-4m²-5m²-6m²
  • No scale design: Each size is worked independently for maximum performance whatever the size and conditions of wind
  • Optimized sail tension for the widest possible range of use
  • Aramid and dacron reinforcements in critical areas
  • Profiles and hydrodynamics studied in a digital wind tunnel
  • Compact shape for easy handling and increased maneuverability
  • Innovative batten and handle designs for maximum control and performance
  • Ideal wing for beginners and experts looking for a fast and powerful wing
  • The innovative design of the handles allows it to be held with one hand while still having power

Further information


The Korea is a wing that has been developed for all riders. Beginner riders, but also freestylers and those looking for maximum maneuverability want a compact wing.
The reduced size of the Kore allows it to be ultra playful and safe.
Compared to the Carve V2 with the same surface area, the span has been reduced by 10%, i.e. more than 40cm for a 6m² area.
This compactness increases ease of pumping and maneuverability.
The smaller wingspan associated with a specific ear design (the end of the
wing) allows in the event of a hit to bounce the ear
on the water and therefore to be able to push back its limits particularly in rotation attempts during which the ability of the wing to bounce on the water at the time of landing is fundamental for the
success of the trick.


The hydrodynamic profile of the Carve V2 has proven itself. This profile associated with a new distribution of tensions on the wing has made it possible to significantly increase the power in the low range of the wing. You ride with a smaller and therefore more playful wing.
This distribution of tensions changes depending on the surfaces. It facilitates pumping for large sizes (6m², 5m²) and allows an increase in the high range for smaller sizes (4m² and
3.3m²). Also, the Kore develops significant vertical traction which
increases the low range and facilitates tacking. Thanks to
this distribution of tensions, the result of the development of a
specific algorithm depending on the wing surfaces, the Kore does not flap even without the addition of slats on the leech.
The Kore is a powerful wing
which has the ability to generate power with small
arm movements, resulting in better driving precision.
Finally, the new tension distribution considerably reduces wrinkles during navigation and thus increases the general performance of the wing.


We took particular interest in the design of the central slat as well as the steering handles.
There are two main types of handles for piloting a wing:
- Soft handles: they are non-contending, reassuring but vague when driving.
- Rigid handles also called mini wishbones: these give more precision when driving but are heavier and can injure or damage the boards in the event of an impact.
From then on, it seems obvious that we need to completely rethink this design.

We are convinced that the soft handles are ideal for
the practice of the wing, they do not hurt, are comfortable,
allow the wing to be folded easily. But most handles have a “U” shape
which reduces their rigidity, particularly in torsion.
Therefore, to reduce these twisting phenomena but also to be able to move your hands as you wish, we have integrated a slat profile and straight handles.
Thanks to an exclusive slat design. It is possible to have the best of both worlds: The precision of rigid handles with the comfort of soft handles.
Finally, the ergonomics of the handles
with a rear handle closer to the sail than the front handle reduces fatigue and shoulder pain by straightening the rear arm: You sail longer.

Thanks to this increased rigidity
, we were able to increase the length of the handles without losing control. It is thus possible to move your hands as you wish
easily. The Kore can be controlled with one hand and, during rotations,
it is easy to use the handles to perform tricks,
waterstarting is made easier.


The freefly front handle is an important handle for holding the wing when surfing.
Its placement and width are crucial.
The handle must be rigid (not too wide) and well placed, neither too high nor too low.
We have taken particular care in its placement for maximum control and comfort.

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Kore Wing V1

Wing practice, as recent as it is, is booming. The youth of the sport does not exclude rapid development of its practice and equipment.
With the Kore, the fruit of 2 and a half years of development, the practice of the wing has never been so easy and efficient at the times. Thanks to a brand new shape, significant work on the various sail tensions and a unique and innovative design of the central slat and steering handles, the Kore will facilitate your learning and will allow you to surpass yourself.